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Hair Care Tips

Brush your extensions

Before washing your hair extensions it is important to brush your hair with a detangling brush. This will keep it free from tangles and knots.


Wet your hair with warm water this ensured that your extensions will get a great lather as you wash .

Sulfate- free shampoo

We recommend Sulfate- free shampoo . It does not create much of a lather but it helps to maintain the integrity of your hair extensions itself. Do not use a scrubbing method or circular Motion while shampooing your hair , this will seriously tangle the hair extensions we recommend massaging the hair extension.


When conditioning make sure to use a hydrating conditioner. Comb through the extensions with a wide tooth comb. Gently rinse section by section.


Carefully brush your hair ( if not installed ) allow to air dry .
If installed it’s recommended to use heat treat and shine as a protectant for the hair , this will help to make sure that the hair remains protected from the damage that the heat from the blow dryer can cause. Use the blow dryer  and brush section by section . We recommend sitting under a dryer to prevent Mildew which can happen if not dried correctly.


We recommend that you use a satin scarf, bonnet or satin pillow when sleeping .
Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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